Posted by: Taong Grasa | May 27, 2008

IDE for PHP and JAVA

At this stage maybe its time to say goodbye to the “notepad”… ever since developers of PHP and JAVA uses notepad for writing their scripts.  But now, a lot of IDE are available out therefor PHP and JAVA. After a long time of researching, consulting and soul researching of what is the best IDE out there, I came up to this two IDE. The first is Zend an IDE for PHP and the second is NetBeans an IDE for JAVA.

For me, I really appreciate that Zend have a IntelliSense!! and of course theres also a dozen of great features that you can check on their website.


NetBeans also have an IntelliSense and it supports projects in JAVA, Web Apps, Ruby and C/C++

By the way you can download NetBeans to their website for free but the Zend is not free… Although you can download Zend in Torrent with its crack =)



  1. Netbeans IDE user here 🙂

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