Posted by: Taong Grasa | May 16, 2008

Connecting 2005 to a MYSQL Database

As i started with my new project.  I choose 2005 and PHP to write my Frontend applications and MySQL for my Backend.  There is no problem connecting my PHP program to a MySQL database… The problem is how can I connect my program to a MySQL database??? Connecting a program to a Microsoft SQL Server and to a Oracle is a walk in the park.  After a couple of Googling and some sweat & blood hehehe… I come up with this solutions…..

First download and install a MySQL Connector for .NET here

Then in VB.NET IDE go to Project > Add Reference… In the .NET Tab Add the MySQL.Data Reference and click OK

Use this code to Open a Database Connection:

Imports MySql.Data.MySqlClient

Public Conn As MySqlConnection

Sub OpenDatabase()

Conn = New MySqlConnection()

Conn.ConnectionString = “server=localhost; Port=3306; user id=USER; password=PASSWORD; database=MyDatabase”

End Sub



  1. How do I install the MySQL Connector?

    • just download and install the setup then instantiate first before you use it to your program =)

  2. Have you tried the 6.0.4 connector? I’m having an error installing it, kaso kelangan talaga kasi it has relevant improvements on speedup. Any ideas on this?

  3. how to add data in the database using the forms?

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